Fanzines have been an important part of football culture since the late-1970s, when fans and fans’ groups began to publish their own weeklies and monthlies. Early zines such as Foul and When Saturday Comes maintained a strong punk ethic. They were produced inexpensively on small presses or photocopiers and aimed to provide an irreverent-but-intelligent alternative to matchday programmes and the mainstream media. 


Over the years, there have been a number of popular Town fanzines, including Hanging On The Telephone (1990-2009), Down At The Mac (1994-?), A Slice of Kilner Pie (1996-?), Those Were The Days (1998-2001), and Smile Awhile (2017-2019). 


This collection contains a full print run of the latter, kindly donated by editor Sean O’Toole. Smile Awhile had a run of 13 issues, including one video edition.

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