My Hall of Fame: Oliver Fisher

Oliver Fisher

Oliver Fisher

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As part of the Heritage Project, we're asking Town fans to vote for their all-time favourite players and managers, from 'wing wizards' and 'bombers' to 'whackos' and 'King Davids'. The ten most popular will be inducted into our Hall of Fame. 

This week, football writer Oliver Fisher makes the case for three people whose names he believes should be immortalised in ones and zeros for eternity.


Peter Jackson
No hesitation from a personal point of view putting Jacko in. My first real season was the 2003-04 campaign, and during the summer before the season started I was made painfully aware as an eight-year-old that we had sunk to new depths. Peter Jackson came in, gave Town fans a side to be proud of, one full of academy products and likeable players that were so easy to get behind. That season also culminated in a fantastic win in the play-offs to earn promotion, with a memorable unbeaten run thrown in there too.

There is of course the added bonus of Jacko having been a player for the club as well in the 1990s, and he is a man who has spent a large chunk of his life giving his best for Huddersfield Town Football Club. That’s what the Hall of Fame is all about, right?

Peter Clarke
Captain fantastic. Leader. Warrior. Legend. A man for whom you run out of hyperboles. He joined the club during a time which could be described as a bit of a ‘lull’ during our League One days, and oversaw—with the help of others—a rise to being one of the persistent challengers in the third flight.

He was a man who was willing to put his body on the line and bleed for Huddersfield Town, in addition to being a reliable and combative centre-back who embodied the kind of no-nonsense, old-fashioned player that fans wanted to see. Quite simply, he connected with all of us, and was a worthy wearer of the armband.

George Brown
I was determined to try and mix things up with a manager pick, a pick from the modern era and a player who came from the club’s most famous era— and George Brown corresponds to the latter. As the highest ever goal-scorer for Town with 159 goals in total, he has a record that some firmly believe will never be broken, and given the way modern football is they are probably right.

He won the FA Charity Shield in 1922, the First Division three times in the Thrice Champions run, was an England international and then he retired to run a pub after stints at four other clubs. Not bad for a lad from Mickley.

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