Matchday Programmes

Matchday programmes have been an important part of supporter culture since at least the 1880s. In those days, programmes consisted of a single sheet of paper listing each side’s players, as well as their numbers and positions on the field of play. Come the 1920s and 1930s, this practical, austere design had fallen out of fashion, with many clubs producing 4 to 20-page journal-style publications, often accompanied by bold, art deco-inspired covers. The hardships of war briefly put an end to such frills, but they had returned by the late-1950s. The in-house magazines we are accustomed to today, with their glossy pages and one-off covers, first appeared in the 1980s. 


Originally printed on Market Street by Swindlehurst & Nicholson Ltd, Town’s programmes largely reflect these trends. In addition to containing the usual team news, statistics, and chairman’s notes, they provide an insight into other interesting aspects of the past, from eating habits and advertising to fandom and prevailing social values (“Don’t abuse the referee!” advises one from 1925). 


This collection includes more than 1,150 matchday programmes from the period 1911-2017, all of which were kindly donated by Graham Clark. 

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